Why should I invest in employee wellbeing?

Peninsula Team

December 09 2012

We all know that employees are the most important asset to a business. A healthy employee is better for business but unfortunately few organisations introduce methods to improve wellbeing or actually understand its importance. In times of hardship and leaner workforces employee wellbeing can be eaten away and become counterproductive so why is it essential to invest in this area? Employee wellbeing is referred to as the “part of an employee's overall wellbeing that they perceive to be determined primarily by work and can be influenced by workplace interventions”. We can simply refer to this as an employee's happiness at work. There are many factors outside of the workplace that the employer cannot control but if an organisation considers the points of view of the employee, then they can adopt strategies and programmes to influence workplace performance, improve wellbeing and create a sustainable workforce. Organisational policies such as incentives, advancement through training and career prospects can have a massive influence on morale. Improvements to the workplace facilities such as improved lighting and brighter colours can improve mood and wellness as well as encouraging employees to have their breaks. An organisation must also consider the impact of mental health and musculoskeletal issues and incorporate effective means of dealing with this. The provision of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and Occupational Health (OH) services can help to tackle and manage these areas. An organisation can also promote a culture of health by introducing:
  • Healthy eating campaigns
  • Provide health and wellbeing information through fact sheets and newsletters
  • Onsite fitness classes
  • Medical screenings
The wellbeing of your employees should be at the top of your agenda and it is essential that you invest in it. Not only will your investment promote a duty of care to your employees, it will help improve workplace performance and create a healthier happier workforce. Health Assured, sister company to Peninsula, is a leading EAP and Occupational Health company in the UK and Republic of Ireland. They provide health and wellbeing programmes to help support employees by providing information helplines, telephone and face to face counselling, information services and an Online Health Portal. For more information about how Health Assured can support your organisation, please call us now on 0844 892 2493.

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