Why You Should Be Using Peninsula BusinessWise

Peninsula Team

June 03 2009

Michelle Johnson, Online Services Manager is responsible for the ongoing development and promotion of our exclusive online service BusinessWise (www.psbnet.com) - which supports and complements the consultancy services available from Peninsula. Michelle, who joined Peninsula in 2001 after gaining commercial and HR experience working for small family firms and large multi-nationals, understands the practical demands of day-to-day staff management and this, along with employment law knowledge, has led her to recognise the importance of having a 'best-practice' approach, particularly when it comes to effective record-keeping.

BusinessWise currently offers a range of essential yet simple to use tools to assist in the day to day management of your business. The web-based service, which can be accessed regardless of whether you are in your office or in a hotel abroad, allows you to manage important aspects of your business operations in those areas which could become costly if you do get it wrong. Reliable and consistent record keeping inevitably helps you to be in the best position to protect your business in the longer term and BusinessWise provides a range of facilities to maintain such records.

The Absence management tool is one good example - whilst absenteeism can be one of a number of unpredictable expenses faced by organizations, very often it is difficult to have a clear understanding as to what extent this can directly impact upon your bottom line. With the increasing amount of legitimate absenteeism which employees can now take, effectively managing absenteeism is not only an important part of best-practice management of the employment relationship but can also have a positive effect upon the profitability of your company.

The user-friendly data entry process allows you to log absences in a fair and consistent manner; and the real advantage of using BusinessWise to maintain manage absenteeism is the availability of powerful Management Information Reports: these produce meaningful records of staff absences which will allow you to present a factual argument to any employee whose absenteeism causes you concern. Having these records at your disposal places you firmly in control of the situation and hopefully allows for a frank and open discussion. Along with the support of our 24 Hour Advice Service these are effective tools to help you to keep track of unplanned absences, and therefore the impact to your operational needs, to a minimum.

The Absences feature is just one example of a number of tools available to BusinessWise users; we always listen very carefully to the requirements and suggestions from clients who contact the BusinessWise Helpdesk - and this helps us to continually expand the essential functionality of this service. The business management tools within BusinessWise are available exclusively to our clients at no extra cost and I am delighted to be involved in the ongoing development of such a valuable service.

If you are yet to register for this fantastic service, please provide your contact details and your Peninsula Client Account Number via www.psbnet.com. Alternatively, if you'd like to find out more about how BusinessWise can help you to protect your business, please email our Helpdesk Team at bwise@peninsula-uk.com.

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