Winters coming. Dont be caught out.

Peninsula Team

December 21 2012

There’s an inevitability to the seasons and the recent wet and windy weather has reminded us that autumn is here and we’ll soon be into winter. Prudent employers will be taking action to make sure they don’t get caught out and face disruption to their business.

Now is the time to make sure that gutters and drains are clear. It’s always easier and less urgent to do before they get blocked and buildings, paths and roadways get flooded. You can plan to do it safely and get it right first time. Think about safe access, tower scaffolds or mobile elevating work platforms are always safer than ladders and more cost effective where there is a lot to be cleared. And it is important that you don’t allow workers to go onto fragile roofs unless they take the proper precautions.

Ice and snow can almost always be predicted so make sure you have enough salt or grit to take you through to spring. Buy stocks now so that you buy them at their cheapest. It’s too late trying to buy stock when the snow is on the ground, stocks are depleted and at a premium price. Identify the paths and access routes that you are going to keep clear and give clear information and instruction to staff.

Don’t forget to have your heating serviced and if oil or gas fired make sure you have enough fuel. Systems that are not maintained usually breakdown when they are asked to work at their hardest. A cold workplace causes employees concern and inefficiencies and always disrupts the business process.

If you have a mobile workforce consider how the cold weather could affect their health and safety particularly early in the morning and late at night, especially if they are working a long way from their homes. Make sure your lone-working arrangements are up to date and that you know that these traveling staff are safe. Plan contingency arrangements for the worst weather conditions and make sure your workers are aware of them.

If you plan ahead and don’t leave things to chance your business will continue to operate without risks to the health and safety of your staff, visitors and customers. You won’t incur disruption and additional costs. You could steal a march on your competitors.

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