Your Business Successes Can Generate PR

Peninsula Team

August 26 2011

August is often a quiet month in PR so it provides you with the time to sit back and take a look at your business achievements and you will be amazed at how much PR exposure you can generate even with the smallest of business successes and developments. Here are some suggestions to try and help you drum up PR, of course each company is different but you should be able to apply some of our suggestions.

Have you acquired any new business this year? Have you merged or purchased another business perhaps? Local press look out for stories like this especially when new jobs have been created. Whilst we are living in a post-recession era news of new jobs to the area will be welcomed. With news of new jobs brings applications from potential candidates, which may help save you time when job advertising. Even if you are employing five workers it is still worth getting in contact with the business desk of your local newspaper and informing them. Remember to have some quotes prepared so that you can email the details to your business editor. Look at your business goals and objectives; do you force job opportunities in the future? Be careful not to exaggerate, editors have a tendency to remember job creation numbers and may well contact you in the future to ask how those ambitious plans are doing.

Have you expanded your business this year? Purchased extra office accommodation? Again the press like to hear about success stories and finding larger accommodation to accommodate your business can be newsworthy. Again send an email to your business editor, be clear on the size of the extra space and why the expansion was necessary, and provide an insight into future plans.

Finally ask yourself if you were reading the newspaper what business stories would you like to read? With all the negative headlines it is refreshing to read optimistic stories, whether it is successful sales figures, the creation of new jobs or a company moving into larger premises. Now is the time to speak to your local business editor, provide them with a business update, give them a tour of your new business premises and most of all provide them with optimistic stories that can inspire other companies. These small incentives can reap excellent PR coverage for both you and your business. Do let me know how you get on -

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