Your newest employees may just catapult your business

Peninsula Team

April 12 2013

When you have recruited new employees how do you make them feel welcome, how do you coach them so you get the best performance from these new additions to your business? Those first few days help make a huge difference in terms of whether the employee values the new work environment they have walked in to. So what measures can you introduce to ensure your employees feel valued and welcomed?

Welcoming new employees into your business is crucial for any new comers. It lets them know you are always available should they need help and that you stand by your decision when you decided to employee them. If you have a high turnover of staff this should not mean less of a welcome. It is essentially your opportunity to showcase how great your business really is, and how you welcome those to your existing workforce.

When employees feel more welcomed they feel more valued. It is easier to work within different teams of people when you feel at ease and in safe hands. If you care about your employees, it will show that you care about all aspects of your business and this is something all employers should strive to instill in all new starters.

You should encourage all of your staff to be as welcoming as possible. We’ve all been the ‘newbie’ at some point so we can all empathise with the feeling of not quite knowing what to do or how to do it. A warm welcome and simply including new workers in on social events or even sitting with you at lunch can make a huge difference.

There is always the case of what happens when new employees fail to perform to your expectations, you have obviously made a financial commitment in both terms of time and salary so what happens now? Give then support, provide them with assistance and see if this helps. Otherwise you may have to follow your HR policies and procedures especially if they are not cable of the job in hand.

Finally remember that at the end of the day your new employees may well become the managers of the future, it may be worth mentoring these employees, listening to their ideas and spending valuable time in developing them, they may just have the next biggest and best business idea that can help catapult your business.

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By Alan Price

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