Your Thoughts On Red Tape

Peninsula Team

December 09 2011

Here is some of the feedback we received regarding Red Tape in the workplace:

“What makes my blood boil is that I have an aggressive, hostile employee who is not performing his role as required and I am having to jump through almighty hoops to try and sort him out, each time giving him the benefit of doubt, he is taking up huge amounts of my time just to document what’s happening and mentoring him but if someone does just something wrong in Government they are out.

Look at Teresa May, OK it’s a fairly major gaff, but the honest thing is no one actually knows if relaxing the boarder restrictions made any difference and it was not directly her that did it but as the boss she has to take responsibility; as the buck stops with her. Even so, there are calls for her to re-sign and she has in no way behaved in the manor my member of staff has done, football managers seem to get fired for the slightest thing, I do not understand why for general companies like us employees’ rights have got so strong. It is little wonder this country is in the state it is in, if you have a poor performing member of staff you have a major job trying to get rid of them.

I totally agree with your article, the Government need to take this problem more seriously.”

“Hi Alan,

Yes I do find it frustrating to go through all the stages of a disciplinary or redundancy. I think the processes are far too lengthy and drawn out when someone clearly is not committed to their job or colleagues and employers do not have the time to spend on lengthy meetings and note taking to get to the end result.

My first experience was a redundancy situation. I had originally employed this lady and I found it hugely stressful, even more so as we had to have so many meetings to try and avoid redundancy. It just dragged on and on and in the end, it was what she really wanted as she was not particularly happy being a Receptionist and was looking for something else anyway, but neglected to tell me that!

Another situation was dismissal for poor time keeping and again because it was so drawn out, we missed the deadline to come to a decision because of workload at the time, and so we had to start the whole process from the beginning. It took 2 years to dismiss this chap.

I think legislation should take into account businesses and the affect it has on them. Like you, I am in an HR role and employees’ welfare and wellbeing are at the top of my agenda every day and I strive to help them and provide information whenever they need. I talk to individual staff one-on-one to update myself on their roles within the company to hopefully avoid negative issues.

Companies today cannot afford to have people that are not committed 100% and it should be a simple process of one or two meetings with a written warning, and if no improvement, then dismissal with no come back. That employee has been given a chance to improve and if they don’t, then there are consequences and it should not last longer than 6 months.”

We thank you for your contributions and welcome comments to future issues of The Bottom Line Express.

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