Who are Peninsula?

Since our inception in 2017, the Peninsula Canada family has grown from a few people to a much larger group; however, our commitment to providing exceptional service has remained the same.

Simply put, we provide small businesses with an alternative to an in-house human resources team–one that’s affordable. Peninsula started as a small business and our mission is to help other small businesses achieve their version of success!

How We Assist Small Businesses

When running a small business, the most valuable commodity is time. Time to focus on your business and what initially made you set up shop.

Our team of expert advisors helps you reclaim your time, by focusing on the areas that pull away business owners’ attention, such as HR, health and safety and employee management. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Contract & documentation creation/revision
  • Unlimited 24-hour HR advice
  • Health & safety systems
  • And so much more!

Our approach is designed with you in mind – because you are the cornerstone of our business. Nothing means more to us than your continued success.

In-house, inexpensive, and in the business of you.

At a fixed monthly rate, our services are affordable. This enables small business owners to allocate resources to growing other areas of their business.

Peninsula clients benefit from immediate access to:

  • On-site audits
  • Online employee management tools
  • Legislation updates
  • HR consulting and more!

All our services are custom-tailored to your business. Considered us your in-house HR department because we’re here to help you.

Our promise to you: around-the-clock employment advice

We promise employers on-call, on-site and on-demand support in all employment-related matters. Receive a complimentary consultation by calling our 24/7 advice line. Speak with our consultants to ensure all your obligations as an employer are met.

Did we mention our employment advice line is free? There’s no obligation to use our services and no pressure. Guaranteed. It’s as easy as dialing 1-833-247-3652. That’s 24-7 advice, 365 days a year.

Peninsula is the big company backup that’s right at your fingertips. We’ve got you covered.

Success Starts Here.

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