Alberta Employers and Complying with the Ministry of Labour

Peninsula Team

July 01 2019

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Alberta’s Ministry of Labour and Immigration is responsible for the Employment Standards Code (ESC), which outlines the regulations employers in the province must follow. Employers are responsible for following all of the laws outlined by the Ministry of Labour, but here are a few key requirements they should be aware of.  

Statutory Holidays

Most employees in Alberta are entitled to paid statutory holidays, regardless of how long they have been employed. There are additional optional public holidays that Alberta employers can choose to give off. Employers should ensure they know how to calculate accurate holiday pay for employees.  

 Hours of Work

The Ministry of Labour outlines how many hours of work an employers can require in a day and a week. Generally, an employee can work a maximum of 12 hours a day. Employers must also provide adequate break time and days of rest.  

Leave of Absence

Eligible employees are entitled to take several types of job-protected leave. According to the Ministry of Labour, employees can take leave for various personal reasons such as bereavement leave, parental leave, and personal and family responsibility leave.  

Minimum Wage

Alberta employers must pay employees at least the minimum wage for their work. In Alberta, general minimum wage is $15 per hour. Employers must pay entitled employees this minimum amount, however, there are exceptions and other minimum wage rates outlined in the ESC.  

Overtime Pay

Most employees are entitled to overtime pay if they work over the maximum hours of work. According to the Employment Standards Code, overtime is all hours worked over 8 hours a day or 44 hours a week. However, some professionals and industries are exempt from overtime regulations.  

If you have questions about anything in the Employment Standard Code or need help drafting compliant policies for your workplace, contact us!

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