COVID-19: Secure Your Workplace with Our SafeCheck Toolbox

Peninsula Team

June 04 2020

Like most provinces across Canada, Ontario is opening its economy in a phased manner. As lockdown restrictions ease, more and more businesses will begin reopening.  

However, this welcome change is not without its risks. Whether your business is a team of five or fifty, going back to work during a pandemic requires careful planning. 

It may seem like a mammoth task. Being a small business, you don't have large HR or health and safety departments to chalk out these plans. Where do you even begin?  

You need to update your health and safety policies before you can call employees back to work. Ensure your workplace follows the latest health and safety guidelines. Put in place social distancing measures.  

You may need to get suitable personal protective equipment. Stock up on cleaning supplies and set disinfection procedures in place. Communicate the changes and new procedures to your staff. Make relevant posters, factsheets and guides for staff, visitors and customers.  

Don’t you wish if only all these resources were available gift-wrapped in one neat package? Wish granted. With Peninsula's SafeCheck Toolbox, that's exactly what you'll get.  

The SafeCheck Toolbox 

Peninsula's SafeCheck Toolbox provides answers to all your COVID-19 health and safety questions. Its resources contain advice on measures and best practices to follow as you prepare to reopen your business in Ontario.  

The SafeCheck Toolbox includes: 

Posters on hand hygiene, the correct way to wear face masks, COVID-19 symptoms, etc.  

Guidance posters for contractors and visitors to follow when they visit your office building or work site. 

comprehensive guide on return to work hygiene. The guide covers topics related to setting up a safe workplace, such as the preparation required, how to observe social distancing and related FAQs. It also offers tools on health and safety self-assessments, and risk assessments for inside sales and field staff.  

Make the responsible choice 

Health and safety in the workplace is critical during the current crisis. It is your duty not just to your staff, but also to your customers.  

When you opt for our SafeCheck Toolbox, you choose safety for all. Don't waste your time poring over legislations and stressing over health and safety compliance. Let us do the grunt work for you. 

Call our SafeCheck Hotline today at 1-833-247-0600

Want to know your employer obligations surrounding COVID-19 health and safety? 

We’ll ensure your business is compliant with the current Health and Safety legislation. For advice on health and safety policies during the pandemic, call our experts today: 1 (833) 247-3652.

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