3 Business Basics for Every Start-Up

Peninsula Team

October 23 2019

When it comes to opening a small business, there’s a lot employers have to consider. Human resources, compliance with the law, workplace documentation, policies and health and safety are important factors that can determine the success or failure of a business. Here’s what employers should know about these small business basics.

Human Resources (HR)

Setting up HR for your business is essential for recruitment, hiring, onboarding, payroll and providing employee benefits. Outsourcing your HR is a cost-effective solution for small businesses, especially for those that cannot afford paying full-time salaries for HR workers or an HR department. Peninsula helps small businesses by taking the load of administrative tasks off managers and employers and letting them focus on growing their business. Additionally, we help employers stay up to date with ever-changing labour legislation and manage their employees in compliance with Employment Standards.

HR software like BrightHR and Blip can also help employers keep track of their employees, including their vacations and work hours, while allowing them to manage their documentation all in one place online. This cloud-based software is easily accessible and allows you to manage your work force remotely and reliably.

Documentation and Policies

For many employers that do not have a background in law or a familiarity with labour legislation, drafting workplace documentation such as contracts and policies can be a challenge. If written incorrectly, faulty documentation can open a business to risks in the event of an employment lawsuit.

If you are unsure of what is required for your health and safety policies, harassment and violence policies or how to draft a drug and alcohol policy to regulate cannabis use in the workplace, get tailored documentation from our consultants.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is not only necessary to protect everyone in your workplace, it is also a legal requirement. In Canada’s provinces, Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires employers to have health and safety policies and regularly review them, carry out hazard assessments, inform and train employees on health and safety practices, and to eliminate and control safety risks.

If you are an employer or are just setting up your business, speak with our consultants to ensure it is protected right from the start. Our HR and Health and Safety advisors can help you avoid common and costly business mistakes. Call us today: 1(833)247-3652.

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