Celebrate the Holiday Cheer with a Company Party!

Peninsula Team

December 02 2019

The holiday season only comes once a year, and a company-sponsored party is the perfect way to usher in this joyful season. With your employees working hard all year to move the business forward, giving them the opportunity to connect as individuals is great for comradery. However, the goal is an evening full of laughter, not rowdy behavior that fuels office gossip. By implementing the below tips, employers can achieve a fun, safe, drama-free company holiday party. 

Set Limitations on Alcohol

Most of your workforce will likely appreciate having drinks throughout the evening; however, as the famous saying goes, “everything in moderation!” The holiday party is still a company event and employees should not act in a way that reflects poorly on them or the company.

To prevent individuals overdoing the alcohol, employers should implement alcohol limits. Effective ways to limit alcohol consumption can include drink tickets or receiving a hand stamp for every drink. By limiting the amount of drink tickets or hand stamps each person can have, employers can help keep the alcohol consumption to a reasonable amount.

A simple ‘Thank You’ makes a great gift

As an employer, it is important not to forget that your employees are the backbone of your business. Throughout all the fun and laughs that the evening will have, the main theme should be expressing gratitude to your workers for their efforts in moving the company forward. Expressing your sincere thanks can include a brief recap of the year and highlighting major accomplishments and the individuals that were instrumental in achieving those accomplishments.

Have an after-hours events policy

With holiday parties only happening once a year, some employees will take the opportunity to extend the festivities. And when the official party ends, the after-party begins. To help prevent acts of poor judgement, it is recommended for employers to remind employees what is considered appropriate behavior when interacting with colleagues. Having a company after-hours policy is a great way to reinforce behavioral expectations for employees throughout the event.

With the above three tips, employers can look forward to ending the year on a high-note!

Want more information on creating an after-hours company policy?

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