New Leave of Absence for Alberta Employees Impacted by COVID-19

Peninsula Team

March 24 2020

With the ever-changing work landscape the Coronavirus pandemic has caused, Alberta’s provincial government has created a new leave of absence for employees. This 14-day leave was passed on March 13, 2020 and consists of the following details:

  • Through Alberta’s Employment Standards Code, employees are entitled to a leave of 14-days for the purposes of self-isolating or caring for a family member who is ill with COVID-19.
  • A doctor’s note is not necessary for an employee to qualify for this leave.
  • An employee is not required to have worked for their employer for minimum 90 days to take this leave.

On March 17, 2020, it was confirmed that the leave will be unpaid; however, some employees may be eligible for employment insurance (EI) during the quarantine period–under the government’s new Emergency Care Benefit. Regulations on this leave state that it could be increased depending on future developments of COVID-19. Furthermore, the leave is retroactive to March 5, 2020, meaning it applies to leaves taken since that date.

Unsure of how your workplace should respond to COVID-19?

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