Manage COVID-19 in the Workplace with BrightHR. Here's How

Peninsula Team

October 09 2020

BrightHR is an online staff management software designed for a digital future. It offers several features that make carrying out day-to-day HR tasks quick and painless. BrightHR is the perfect tool to help you manage the unique demands posed by COVID-19 in the workplace.

It simplifies logging COVID-19 related absences

In addition to regular leaves, you now need to maintain a record of all COVID-19 related absences of your staff. As per the provincial employment standard legislation, your employees don't have to provide a doctor's note when they take the COVID-19 sick leave.

With BrightHR, you don’t need to file or maintain a paper trail. Plus, you save time. You can log such absences as "Sickness" or "Other". Further details, such as whether an employee is isolating due to illness or is in quarantine post-travel, can be logged in the notes section.

All staff absences can be viewed and downloaded as an Absence Report. You can filter the report by absence type, and it will show all notes made under “Sickness” or “Other” absences.

Remote staff attendance is easy to track with Blip

Many businesses have been forced to switch to remote work due to the pandemic. Managing a remote team can be tough especially if you are new to operating a virtual workplace.

With Blip, BrightHR's mobile app, you can easily log and monitor your staff's work hours and breaks. Blip's new geolocation feature will also help you track the location of your employees who are working remotely.

You can also export your staff's work history and save it as a spreadsheet for your records.

You can create and share work schedules within seconds

You can set up and modify schedules with ease using BrightHR's shift and schedule planner. Share the schedule instantly with your staff using the app. If you alter a set schedule because of a COVID-19 related absence, your staff will be automatically notified about the update.

It helps access and share HR documents remotely

BrightHR's secure cloud-based software provides you with unlimited storage space for your HR documents. You can share updated policies and handbooks with ease that your employees can view and download while working from home.

The software also allows you to request read receipts for uploaded documents and set permission levels to view confidential files. You also get notifications for important dates, such as employee birthdays or end of probation periods.

You get access to our Employee Relations Helpline

Do you have questions about the COVID-19 sick leave, temporary layoffs, remote work policies or how to safely recall staff to work? Whatever the HR query, you can call our advisors on our employee relations helpline, BrightAdvice. Our HR experts are available 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, to answer all your questions.

With BrightAdvice, you also get access to a library of sample HR templates. So, if you need to get an idea of what to put in your HR policies and documents, you can just download the relevant template. 

The Back to Work Navigator makes recalling staff convenient

You can manage all your back to work processes in one place with the Back to Work Navigator tool. It makes it simple to view past and current staff absences instantly so that you can create zero-error back to work schedules.

Also included is detailed advice on how to conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment in your workplace. This HR tool will give you exclusive access to a content library where you'll find posters, templates, health and safety guides, factsheets and checklists that you can download and share with your employees.

Not a BrightHR client yet?

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