Pandemic HR Advice for Business Owners

Learn how to manage the impact of coronavirus on your workforce with free guides to download and use straight away. And for instant advice? Book your complimentary call with one of our HR and health & safety experts now.

Advice on the emergency wage subsidy

Get fast advice on details of upcoming schemes to provide relief for businesses. Find out:

  • What is the eligibility criteria
  • Is there a maximum number of employees
  • How to follow the correct process to unlock government funding for your business

Advice on employee lay offs

Get support on how to conduct employee lay offs, such as:

  • How long can you lay off an employee for
  • Is there a limit to how many times you can lay someone off 
  • How to avoid constructive dismissal claims

Coronavirus factsheet and checklist

Find out how to manage coronavirus issues in the workplace and get answers to your pressing questions with your coronavirus advice sheet and Q&A.

Then, use your workplace checklist to help you take steps to protect your business.  

DOWNLOAD: My coronavirus advice sheet and Q&A (pdf)

DOWNLOAD: Fact sheet: Government help for smb's (pdf) updated May 20th

DOWNLOAD: My workplace checklist (pdf)

Working at Home

Use the attached policy to set expectations for employees working from home.

DOWNLOAD: Remote Working Policy (word doc) updated April 22nd

Latest news

Read the latest news and insight on coronavirus from our team of HR and health & safety experts.

This page will provide the latest updates as the situation develops.


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Health and Safety

Advice on how to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus.

Guide:   Coronavirus Guide - (pdf) updated May 20th

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