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Co-host an event with Canada's leading employment and health & safety consultants.

Nothing but benefits for your business & clients

Getting the right HR and health & safety support for a small business is costly. But, not having these resources available raises your legal risks, which are often pricier and more damaging. The last thing any small business needs is to deal with extra paperwork, legal fees, or employment claims. Peninsula’s team of experts ensures you have coverage in place and all your legal obligations are up to standard.

More than just co-hosted events

Organizing a co-hosted event offers more than just insight and advice. It gives you a chance to address issues in your business head-on with qualified experts. Get the right advice from professionals who will help businesses overcome their HR and health & safety challenges.

Giving you the tools to succeed

Small businesses who partner with Peninsula gain access to the right tools to ensure their success. These can be used to make your business more efficient and enhance your services. We offer partners:

  • Employer documents and templates
  • Professional HR and health & safety advice
  • Online employee management tools
  • Access to our library of content

You’ll get all this and so much more, at a fraction of the cost it takes to hire your own in-house teams. And you’ll have ongoing support if the unexpected ever happens. Leaving you to focus on growing your business and helping your clients.

Keep winning with the right partners

When you partner with Peninsula, you’ll earn a fee for every business you refer that becomes a Peninsula client. There is no limit to how many you can refer. All it takes is a simple introduction to your clients sharing your own success with Peninsula’s services and how they could also help other businesses succeed.

Share in our success

We look forward to growing with you. Get started on your referrals below and find out how you can get rewarded for recommending a business to us. 

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