Ministry of Labour BC

What is the Ministry of Labour?

The Ministry of Labour and its agencies are responsible for regulating British Colombia’s (BC) workplaces and ensuring the labour laws are fair and modern.


Responsibilities of the Ministry of Labour 

The Ministry is responsible for the following agencies:

Together, these agencies strive to protect employees and employers’ rights. Each agency is responsible for administering and enforcing legislation, education, and a compliance system. Each agency must align with both the strategic direction of the Ministry of Labour and the Government of BC.

Understanding the Ministry of Labour as a Small Business Owner

The Ministry of Labour has the goal to protect workers with a modern and balanced labour environment. This means providing a safe, fair, and healthy workplace.  

When it comes to owning a small business, an employer must recognize, understand, and comply with the rules and regulations established by the Ministry of Labour. This includes legislation around workplace health and safety, employment standards, and employee rights.


Around-the-clock advice on the Ministry of Labour 

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