Employment Contracts

Our team of HR and health & safety experts will write your employment contracts, policies, handbooks and more

Work contracts & employment agreements

You need job contracts, work policies, handbooks and forms to run your small business. The problem? Getting these documents wrong can leave you open to a huge list of claims from employees. 

That’s where Peninsula comes in. Our experts will draft airtight contracts & policies for you. So that you don't have to waste your time worrying about needless lawsuits. Or studying employment law to draw up paperwork. 

This is why over 75,000 small businesses globally trust us to handle their documentation.  

Employment contracts in line with labour laws

It is our job to ensure that all your documents meet the regulations of the Employment Standards Act (ESA).  

We'll work with you to understand your specific needs, and tailor the documentation to your specific industry and requirements.  

And not just your full-time staff. We'll write work contracts for your part-time, seasonal and remote employees. Even for your interns. So that when you hire new employees, you only focus on training them. Let us take care of the paperwork.  

Enjoy access to our library of documents

Whether it’s employment contracts or policy templates, we’ve got you covered. Our library of employment documents includes: 

  • Holiday entitlement and pay 
  • Vacation leave  
  • Sick leave  
  • Hours of work  
  • Maternity and parental leave  
  • Bullying in the workplace 
  • Dress code  
  • Tips and gratuities  
  • Computer, Internet and social media 

You also get unlimited 24-hour access to our employer advice helpline. Do you need advice on a workplace issue? Or want to update an employment agreement? Call Peninsula today at 1-833-247–3652  

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