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That’s the team you’ll get, with Peninsula by your side. When it comes to employer advice, we have a team of HR experts who are dedicated to providing relevant, applicable, and effective consultancy for your business. This means, knowing the Ontario’s changing labour law rules and regulations, inside and out. And, we do.

Your Guide to Ontario’s Labour Law Rules and Regulations

Questions about the Employment Standards Act, Ministry of Labour, and Ontario Human Rights Commission? No problem, we can help you with that.

Ontario’s labour laws are determined and regulated by the Employment Standards Act (ESA), Ministry of Labour, and Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC). It’s a lot of information to follow, and these labour law regulations are changing all the time. We know because we’ve taken the time to check in, review, and understand the rules and legal obligations that are applicable to local employers.

Spending hours searching for resources is time that could be spent developing other areas of your business. By the time you find the answer you’re looking for, you might find yourself in an employer situation that’s become more challenging than when it began. Invest in your business with HR advice that ensures that your business is protected by the right practices that are specific to operating your business in Ontario.

Unlimited 24-Hour Advice Line for Employers in Ontario

Peninsula is a full-service team. Our clients benefit from 24/7 on-call support, immediate access to professional employment advisors, and on site audits. We are local – our Ontario Head Office is in the heart of downtown Toronto to ensure we’re always available to help you as best as possible. In addition to a central support system, you can trust that our routine check-ins will keep your business up-to-date with any changes to Ontario’s employment standards.

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