Ministry of Labour Ontario

What is the Ministry of Labour?

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) is a department of the provincial government responsible to overseeing workplaces in Ontario. It is headed by a Minister who is also an elected member of the provincial parliament.

The MOL is responsible for delivering services and programs related to workplace health and safety, employment standards and labour relations. They can also help settle workplace disputes such as strikes and lock outs.

Why are they important?

The MOL play an important role in making sure that workplaces are safe and in enforcing minimum employment standards such as hours of work, vacation pay, and the minimum wage.

They do this by carrying out inspections in the workplace as well as providing information and help to employers and employees about their workplace rights and obligations.

They also act on complaints and tips made by workers or members of the public.

It’s vital that all employers are aware of their legal duties and also the powers of the MOL. This includes visiting workplaces, asking for records and documents, and interviewing people in the workplace.

Failure to comply with an order or enforcement notice from the MOL can mean serious financial penalties as well as legal prosecution.

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