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Our new service promise, which provides legal assistance if you receive a related employment dispute or health & safety investigation

The price of penalties

Wrongful dismissal claims are becoming increasingly common. With new COVID-19 standards in place, employers are having a harder time staying compliant, ensuring their employees' rights to safe work, and legally dismissing staff.

Getting any of these wrong comes with a big price. Lawyer fees can be between $5,000 to $30,000 – and that’s if you win. Losing costs even more. Depending on how severe the dispute is, you could be ordered to pay out $50,000 to $100,000 per claim.

That means it could take just one claim to ruin your business. Few, if any, small businesses can afford this, let alone have the money on hand to fight the case.

A small price for peace of mind

Peninsula does everything to protect your business from legal action in the first place. We offer HR and health & safety advice to keep you compliant and safe. But, in the unlikely event that you face a dispute, it’s a relief knowing a team of experts has your back.

If our advice does not ensure that you avoid a claim or investigation, we will provide you with expert legal representation and support until case resolution.

Our expertise extends to employment related disputes, human rights matters and health & safety investigations

Notify our legal team if you receive a:

  • Employee demand letter
  • Employment standards claim
  • Human rights claim
  • Notice of a civil claim
  • Worker’s compensation claim
  • Health & safety enforcement proceeding



The best way to avoid the worst

Claims can quickly spiral out of control. Health & safety investigations can turn into criminal prosecutions. Wrongful dismissals can become human rights claims landing you in front of a provincial human rights tribunal.

Both can cost you tens of thousands in legal fees and months of time. 

Avoiding all of this helps save your bottom line and ensures your business stays on the path to success. The peace of mind that comes from knowing everything you’ve built is safeguarded also lets you focus on what really matters – taking your business to the next level.

Our service promise

Peninsula Protect provides you with comprehensive legal assistance. Signing up for our Full Compliance Protection plan keeps your business safe. It gives you legal representation for related claims made against your business. And, it includes the legal fees of defending and contesting employment or health & safety related cases.

We will provide assistance with legal fees related to a claim for up to a maximum of:

  • $125,000 per case
  • $500,000 per annual contract period

Get started today and protect your business. Call us at 1 (833) 247-3652 or click the button below. 

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