Protect Your Business.

Back up the business you built, with the right protection plan.

If you’re presented with a claim or receive a letter from a lawyer representing a current or former employee, you will be covered under our employment insurance plan. The cost can be a major setback to your business. With Peninsula, we do everything we can to prevent your business from facing challenges due to employment disputes. However, in the event that representation is necessary, we offer an affordable solution with our coverage plan.

Insurance that Puts Your Business First

With Peninsula by your side, that’s reassurance that your company will be taken care of by professionals who are there to put your business first. We will provide support to first, prevent and then, guidance to take you through any enforcement actions; this includes coverage for the costs to defend your rights in the case of an employment dispute; subject to policy terms and conditions.

We’ve got you covered.

In the event that you are served with legal papers, contacted by a lawyer acting on behalf of a disgruntled employee, visited by enforcement officers, or threatened with prosecution from the Ministry of Labour, you can trust that Peninsula will be right by your side. We will provide you with HR advice and help find the best solution to resolving any problem.

Our insurance coverage includes:

  • Ministry of Labour or other Legal Claims – we will go on record and represent your business if you receive a claim from a current or former employee
  • Human Rights Commission Complaints – we will act on your behalf if the Human Rights Commission notifies your business of an employee complaint due to unfair treatment or discrimination
  • Case Preparation – we will provide a litigation professional to prepare all necessary documentation and evidence, should your tribunal case go to court; where appropriate, this involves, liaising about conciliation, arbitration or possible settlement
  • Representation – we will ensure you have expert professional representation; this involves researching relevant points of law and where appropriate, cross-examining the plaintiff or any witnesses

Peninsula will make sure that you’re protected with professional representation.

Did you see a service that your business needs? Whether that’s what you need now or for the purpose of preventing an employment tribunal, you’ve come to the right place. With Peninsula, you can be reassured that your business is in the hands of experts that have your best interests in mind.

Call our complimentary employer helpline and speak to Peninsula’s team of professionals. Don’t wait until you’re presented with an employment claim, contact us now and prevent these challenges from happening. Knowing how you can protect your business, is just one phone call away: 1-833-247-3652.