Health and safety insurance with Peninsula

While our goal is to help businesses avoid health and safety violations, we also recognize that no one is perfect. No matter how hard you work to train your workers and implement health and safety policies and procedures, mistakes can (and will) happen from time to time. This can result in fines and contravention orders against your organization. And, in the event of a serious injury or fatality, your business could be criminally prosecuted. That is why it’s always a good idea to have health and safety insurance, just in case.

Our health and safety insurance plan

Peninsula’s comprehensive health and safety insurance plan covers you if a legal claim relating to your business’s safety practices arises. If ever prosecuted for health and safety violations, or if the Ministry of Labour issues a fine or compliance order against your business, Peninsula will provide full legal representation. The cost is covered by our legal expense insurance plan.

Or, suppose an employee files a claim for monetary damages with the Labour Relations Board. Suppose they allege your business reprimanded them for attempting to raise health and safety concerns or enforce an Occupational Health and Safety Act provision. This type of proceeding can be extremely expensive and very confusing to the uninitiated. With our team, you do not have to worry. If an employee commences legal proceedings because of your business’ health and safety practices, Peninsula will pick up the tab.

This is another example of the power of Peninsula. We cover all the angles so you can focus on running your business. We take care of the rest, including HR and employer advice and support. Think of us as the human resources team you can call your own.

Workplace health and safety questions?

We understand workplace health and safety can be daunting. But we are here to make it easy. Call us today to discuss any questions you have about our health and safety insurance policy. Our employer advice line is complimentary and available to small business owners 24/7: 1 (833) 247-3652.