Health and Safety Training

Why do smart employers invest in health and safety training? Because not only is a safer business a successful business, proper health and safety training is a legal requirement.

As an employer, you are most responsible for health and safety in the workplace under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). However, health and safety is a concern for all employees. Ensuring that your business has proper training protocols in place and that all of your employees have received the level of training required by law so that they can work safely, is non-negotiable.

Why is Health and Safety Training Important?

Many small business owners do not understand or fully appreciate the extent of their training obligations. Not only does the OHSA require that all workers in any business of any size receive general health and safety awareness training, but it also mandates that employers provide their workers with additional training regarding myriad other workplace issues. This depends on the particular industry in which a business operates.

Peninsula Can Support Your Business

Enter Peninsula. We can help you with all of your health and safety training requirements, including:

  • Certified training for dedicated health and safety representatives and joint health and safety committee members;
  • Working at heights training;
  • Training on how to properly store and handle hazardous materials and designated substances; and
  • Other training requirements prescribed by health and safety legislation.

In addition, Peninsula will assist your business in creating and implementing programs and policies. You can use our feedback to supplement existing training programs, so workers ultimately follow the rules and procedures they are taught.

This is yet another example of the power of Peninsula – we are your one-stop shop for employment and health and safety concerns.

Make Health and Safety Training a Core Part of Your Business

Speak to a health and safety advisor today to discuss your training options – 1(833) 247-3652.