Workplace Health and Safety 

Get 24/7 health and safety support from the best in business 

Our service includes

24/7 Advice

On-site reviews

OHS inspection support

COVID-19 support toolkit

Health and safety compliance audits

Businesses need to follow workplace health and safety laws to protect your staff. You need to know the Occupational Health and Safety Act legislation to set your policies.

We’ll ensure your business is compliant with the current legislation, and will assess your premises to review your health & safety compliance.

We’ll train your staff on health and safety procedures to follow at work. We'll provide you support and guidance during workplace inspections.

We will craft watertight policies and documents customized to your business needs. 

Unlimited 24-Hour advice

You'll get unlimited access to our exclusive 24-hour health & safety advice line.

Has there been an accident in the workplace? Are you worried about a possible hazard? Do you need help updating your health & safety policies?

Whatever's on your mind, our team of health & safety experts are only a phone call away. Rest assured you’ll get clear and practical advice on all health and safety issues. 

We also include our Peninsula Protect discretionary benefit protection service as part of our health and safety compliance plan. 

COVID-19 health & safety guidance

Workplace health and safety has never been more crucial than at present, when we are in the middle of a pandemic. As an employer, you must see to the health and safety of your remote workers. Once the lockdown eases, you’ll have to ensure your workplace complies with the government’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.  

We’ll provide you step-by-step guidance as you reopen your business. You’ll have access to our exclusive COVID-19 toolkit for small businesses. We'll provide you with latest guidelines on COVID-19 risk assessment, guides on health & safety, policy templates, factsheets and checklists. 

Given our low-cost membership, our services are affordable for businesses of any size.  

Try us out for yourself. Call Peninsula today at: 1 (833) 247-3652.

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