Using a Supervision to Your Advantage

The CQC expect all regulated providers to comply with their Essential Standards for Quality and Safety. The CQC will then regularly inspect providers to ensure the service they deliver is safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs and well-led. Each of these standards has an associated outcome that CQC expect all service users to experience as a result of the care they receive. Outcome 14 explains that people must receive a service from a provider that supervises its staff, and that these staff must be supported and managed at all times. There should be supervisory or peer support arrangements in place, which are regularly monitored and reviewed. These arrangements will ensure that staff can talk through any issues about their role, or about the people they provide care, treatment and support to, with their line manager or supervisor. It also means there is a support structure in place for supervision which includes one to one sessions and group meetings. These meetings should take place at an agreed time, on a regular basis and will be recorded and kept on an individual’s personnel file. As it is kept on their personnel file, it is an ideal opportunity to use this meeting to discuss issues you have as the employer. For example, if you had an underlying concern which had not required immediate investigation, such as someone taking an extended break or perhaps their paperwork is not as detailed as it needs to be, then use the supervision as the platform to raise this. Sometimes, inviting an employee into an investigation meeting can immediately create a bad atmosphere, and they will be defensive from the start and the meeting may not be as productive as you had hoped. Using the supervision as a means to raise these issues gives the meeting more of a two way approach, both parties being able to bring their concerns to the table and agreeing a way forward. If, after the supervision has been held, things do not improve and there is potential to arrange a disciplinary or capability hearing as a result, the supervision notes can be used as part of an investigation as the evidence that they were aware of their short fallings and the need to improve in a certain area can be provided.

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