Find out how we helped Gateacre Medical Centre with their HR needs

The situation

"We found ourselves in a dispute with a contractor we employed from time-to-time; we realised that we had a critical lack of employment law knowledge…" Many issues can arise when employing contractors, such as disputes over: payment, working hours and delivery of service. When the relationship between Gateacre and their contractor turned sour, they felt powerless to confront the situation, for fear of encountering legal prosecution. Gateacre had also experienced a number of internal disputes between members of staff; which is natural for any business to encounter, but without an HR specialist to oversee and resolve these issues, it can be a time consuming and stressful ordeal for the management team.

What we did

"…Without the services Peninsula provided, we wouldn’t have been able to successfully deal with the situation." Peninsula was able to step in on behalf of Gateacre and resolve the ongoing dispute with their contractor. Our specialised legal team assessed the situation in great depth, scrutinising the agreed contractual terms and were able to prevent prosecution from either party; whilst simultaneously building a case to support Gateacre should they have needed to take legal action. Peninsula were also able to relieve Gateacre’s management team of their HR anxieties, by providing a team of readily available experts – on hand to visit the premises to resolve disputes, carry out disciplinaries and train management in HR best practices. Gateacre also regularly make use of our 24 hour advice service, which guarantees an assured sense of support no matter what time of day an issue arises. "We contact Peninsula with every issue. It doesn’t matter how big or small, they are always there, day or night."

The result

Gateacre now have more confidence when hiring contractors and any other member of staff, temporary or otherwise, with Peninsula on hand to advise and protect the practice. Their management team have more control over the business, as well as the training and support they need to manage a small team of employees more effectively. "Not having to stress or worry about a problem when it occurs has been a huge boost. We are allowed to spend time running our business while Peninsula spend their time investigating and dealing with any concern we have. They provide us with total peace of mind." If you want to find out how Peninsula could help you write your success story, then why not speak to one of our advisers by calling 0800 028 2420.


Peninsula has provided us with peace of mind… we can focus on running our practice knowing that Peninsula will assist with any problem we have.

Dr. Savita Mittal

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