Find out how we helped Superior Wild Energy Services with their HR needs

Superior Wild Well Energy Services had been outsourcing some of their HR demands to a local company for a number of years before joining Peninsula. Similar to many other local companies outsourcing at the time, Superior found that the local service was "insufficient" and even "cumbersome". "Every time I went to use them, I ended up telling them how it should be done!"

The situation

Superior had been having difficulty for a number of months with a few members of staff, who had been causing issues for each other, as well as the business. On several occasions, disputes had escalated into the evening – disrupting the private lives of the HR team responsible for resolving the issue. Superior had also been outsourcing their legal advice to a solicitor, which was costing the business a fortune for simple advice requests and documentation amendments.

What we did

As a Peninsula member, Superior were able to utilise our 24hr Advice Service helpline, allowing the HR team to explain the issue and let the Peninsula team take over the night shift and present clear options for the following day. "When I came in the next morning and people were asking what we were doing about the situation I had all the answers. We had a difficult situation with difficult staff, but Peninsula said they would defend us if it went to court. It never got to that stage but our managing director thought that was amazing." Peninsula was also able to provide Superior with up to date documentation and templates for management teams, in order to make the HR processes easier and less expensive for the whole business.

The result

Peninsula has become an extension of Superiors HR team – freeing up time, relieving a great deal of pressure and making the need for an expensive solicitor redundant. "I was told by Peninsula, ‘You tell us what you want the outcome to be and we will help you get there’… I’d never heard that from a company before. With other companies there is a lot of hesitation, but with Peninsula there has never been that." "In the past we’ve gone to solicitors for advice which costs a stupid amount of money. However, since using Peninsula we’ve not had to seek any advice from anywhere else." If you want to find out how Peninsula could help you write your success story, then why not speak to one of our advisers by calling 0800 028 2420.


We had a difficult situation with difficult staff, but Peninsula said they would defend us if it went to court.

Cathy Davidson

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