Meet the Team

How long have you worked for Peninsula? I joined in July 2008 so just short of 5 years. Describe what your role entails Obviously the main part of my role as a Business Partner is steering clients within the parameters of employment law when dealing with staff issues e.g. giving guidance on how to carry out various hearings and meetings etc, but I also try to give help from my experience within HR through the years on how to manage people. I also offer my support to clients so they don’t feel like they are on their own whilst they are going through what can be a difficult, and sometimes emotional, process. My aim is to partner with users of our service and instil confidence in them for the employment issues they have to address. What did you do before your job at Peninsula? I have worked in HR for many years prior to Peninsula and have been fortunate to have worked for two companies that were a “new build”. This means that I was one of the original staff that recruited at all levels up to senior management. I was also responsible for drafting and introducing new policies and procedures within the companies. I found this rewarding as I was able to shape and develop the HR strategy and culture of the company. How did you become involved in HR/employment law? I was employed to work as a Senior Officer who was responsible for dealing with training and government schemes. It incorporated many elements of HR within it and over time it evolved into a full HR function. Of the raft of employment law reform on the horizon, which change do you see as most significant? I am very interested to see how the next couple of years pan out with regard to the significant changes that appear to be in favour of the employer i.e. settlement agreements. However, the intricacies of TUPE have always interested me and I’m eager to see how the government intend to amend this legislation in light of all the other current changes. Which area of employment law interests you the most? All areas are interesting but some are made more interesting by the complexity. A disciplinary hearing can be standard but assisting with the investigation element of a complex case involving in-depth research into client specific factors can be fascinating. This job broadens my knowledge of so many different industries that I would never normally come across because of the issues I deal with. The nature of my role ensures that I can continually provide a truly bespoke service to the clients I partner with. What do you enjoy about working for Peninsula? The range of our clients makes the job enjoyable because they are all so diverse, with different cultures and practices meaning that I have to be aware of the varying requirements and expectations of them all. It is a great company to work for and is satisfying knowing we are the leading Employment Law / HR consultancy provider in the UK.

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