COVID-19 business advice

Get expert help to manage the impact of COVID-19 on your business—including advice on lockdown, homeworking and the Job Retention Scheme. Download your guidance docs below and call 0844 892 2772

Advice on re-opening your business

Employers in England, Scotland and Wales are preparing to re-open their business in line with Government relaxations of COVID-19 restrictions and managing the ‘return to work’ process.

As shielding ends, employers are also welcoming more employees back to the workplace who cannot work from home.

Below you can access our guidance on re-opening your workplace and bringing employees back, whether they have been on furlough, shielding etc.

Re-opening your workplace after lockdown guidance doc

Remember, the rules around easing lockdown restrictions may change. So, before you make any decisions about reopening your business, contact your Peninsula team for expert advice on 0844 892 2772.

Advice on government grants

Find out the rules on how to apply for grants under the extended Job Retention Scheme. Plus, get letters to use to gain agreement from your employees to be put on furlough.

Remember, the situation in the UK is changing fast, and we refresh these documents regularly. Always check back in for the latest updates and contact your Peninsula advice team on 0844 892 2772.

DOWNLOAD: Furlough under Job Retention Scheme - November 2020 onwards (pdf)

DOWNLOAD: Letter to agree to full furlough (November 2020 onwards)

DOWNLOAD: Letter to agree flexible furlough (November 2020 onwards)

DOWNLOAD: Letter to extend a period of furlough

Any information provided by Peninsula in relation to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”) and the Job Support Scheme (JSS) has been based on guidance published by the Government on its website ( which has been updated regularly. The information provided by Peninsula in relation to eligibility under the CJRS or JSS does not amount to ‘advice’ and Peninsula does not accept any liability or responsibility for the submission or accuracy of information provided to HMRC in support of claims under the CJRS or JSS. All claims submitted to HMRC in respect of the CJRS or JSS remain the sole responsibility of the employer.

Your furlough navigator tool

Furlough navigator is an online tool for BrightHR that helps you collect the data you need to claim Job Retention Scheme grants in one secure place online. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick staff for furlough: Set an employee’s status to furlough with a click of a button. Use your online calendar to see who’s on furlough, who’s on holiday and who’s on sick leave.
  • Track time off: Let the furlough navigator tool record how long your staff are on furlough. Then use this data to work out how much to claim back for wages.
  • Access HR docs online: Get unlimited cloud storage space for your HR docs, including furlough letters. Keep docs safe, secure and easy to access for five years to meet government guidelines. 

Log in to BrightHR to start using your free furlough navigator tool today.

VIDEO | Vaccination against COVID-19: The H&S and HR Considerations

Watch the video to find out what the Government’s COVID-19 vaccination programme means for employers, including:

  • What the law currently says.
  • The position with COVID secure risk assessments.
  • How employers should approach the issue with employees.
  • How to deal with employees who refuse to have the vaccine.

Managing employees and the vaccine can be tricky. Clients should contact the 24 Hour Advisory Service to discuss their individual circumstances.

VIDEO | Using the Job Retention Scheme from November 2020

Watch the video to find out the latest updates on the extended Job Retention Scheme, including:

  • How the Budget announcements affect the Scheme.
  • Who can use the Scheme until the end of September 2021.
  • What wage grant is available for your business.
  • And how to obtain employee agreement to go on furlough.

VIDEO: COVID secure office tour

The wellbeing of Peninsula’s staff and clients is our highest priority.

That’s why we’ve upgraded our office buildings across the UK and Ireland to make our workspace COVID secure.

Hit play on the video to take a guided tour of the Peninsula HQ in Manchester and see some of the changes we’ve made to protect our people at work.

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