The chances of one of your employees making an employment tribunal claim against you just got significantly higher

The Supreme Court decided that tribunal fees are unlawful and a barrier to justice, abolishing them with immediate effect.

Now, if an employee feels you’ve treated them badly—whether you have or otherwise—there’s nothing to stop them making a claim against you.

And that could have a devastating effect on UK businesses—SMEs, in particular—so you need to act now to protect yourself.

Are you at risk?

Have you dismissed someone in the last three months? Do you have any ongoing disciplinaries or grievances? Are you sure that your employment documentation is up to date?

It’s more important than at any time in the last four years to make sure your working decisions and practices are sound, with no room for employees to raise a complaint.

Plus, all employment tribunal judgments now go on the internet for anyone to see.

Help is here. As the UK’s premier employment law experts, Peninsula offers you complete employment law support to protect you from a tribunal.

Whether it’s updating your employment documentation, staff contracts or if you already face a claim, get the right support and guidance you need.

Don’t be complacent. Call Peninsula for your free consultation today.