Birmingham Marriott Hotel, 12 Hagley Road, Five Ways, , Birmingham , B16 8SJ

Partner event with CAREERS UK: Get free employment law and health & safety tips

Event Presenter:
Rafael Mitchell


16 October 2019


Birmingham Marriott Hotel, 12 Hagley Road, Five Ways, , Birmingham , B16 8SJ


09:30 - 12:45

Join us for a free and informal gathering for local employers and directors to learn why your approach to employment law and health & safety is so important to your success. Find out how to manage work-related health problems like stress, depression, and anxiety in your business. Discover why leading UK businesses have appointed mental health first aiders at work. Get practical advice on protecting your worker’s mental health and learn how to reduce sick leave, boost morale and make productivity soar. You will also learn how to:

  • Review contracts, handbooks, and other essential employment document
  • Deal with staff behaviour, performance, attendance, and attitude
  • Handle health & safety, risk assessments, fire safety policies and procedures
  • Understand the six fair reasons for dismissal to help avoid tribunal claims
  • Manage gender-balance, employment status, and pay
Meanwhile Careers UK will be discussing Data Protection and Legal Trends in HR covering:
  • Current increase in fines
  • Online security
  • Year on year increase in tribunals
  • The Increase in ill health claims and stress at work
  • Using Social Media to streamline recruitment costs and optimise employee engagement

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