Bring your dog to work day

09 July 2019
If you’re considering an office pet, one option is to trial run a dog-friendly day. There’s a national take your dog to work day here in England. If this sounds like the ideal way to add a morale boost for your staff, here’s everything you need to know.

Dogs at work?

For some business owners, the idea might sound like madness. But is keeping dogs at work genius or a disaster in waiting? Well, many studies have consistently shown that allowing pets, especially dogs, into the workplace can provide a lot of advantages. If you want an immediate rise in office engagement, it’s worth taking part in national bring your dog to work day. There are a lot of benefits to this event:
  • Dogs offer an exceptional source of social support for people. As a result, the knock-on effect is a reduction in stress.
  • Most people love dogs and they almost always produce feelings of positivity.
  • A dog is a reminder of a good work-life balance and can encourage employees to properly unwind from their tasks.
  • Productivity and cooperation can improve as your employees learn to get to know each other through a common interest. In the long-term, this can improve professional relationships.
  • You can show your employees you have a fun side. And this can extend itself to your PR, including posts on social media and on your blog.

Laws to consider

Bring your dog to work day is a charitable event, so if you’re supporting the initiative then the goal is to make money for a good cause. But you’ll also need to think of the implications for your business. Some business owners worry whether a dog will cause damage to their property. Another issue is whether the dog has the appropriate vaccinations. The reality is there’s no law specifically about this matter. But you do have a duty to provide the proper health & safety procedures are in place. As such, a risk assessment is a good business practice prior to holding the event. You should also remember you may receive complaints from employees about your event. If they have an allergy or phobia, then it’s their right to let you know. If you do receive a grievance, you must take it seriously. Take action on any concerns and plan around any issues. You may find an easy fix, such as keeping the dogs in certain areas and pet-free zones your employees can use.

Workplace assessments

As part of your checks, you’ll need to know more about every dog attending your event. You should take a look at potential issues, such as the possibility of:
  • Dog biting.
  • Scratching.
  • Knocking an employee over.
  • Allergies among staff members.
  • Phobias any team members have.
  • Evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency.
It’s also not always suitable for dogs to enter a working environment. Remember that hygiene is essential to some workplaces. If this is the case, you’ll have to deny any requests to host a bring your pet to work day. There are other factors to keep in mind. You should:
  • Get written permission from all of your employee that you can host the event.
  • Ensure all dogs attending have the appropriate training.
  • Establish that employees are responsible for their dogs—at all times. They’re also responsible for clearing up after their pet.
  • Any poorly dogs must not attend.
You can, if you want to take the event seriously, create a business policy to explain what’s expected from your employees. Should you want to make the event a more regular occurrence, this is good business practice.

Annual event

When’s bring your dog to work day? If you want to stick to the annual event only, then you should know it’s held once a year—usually over the summer. You can, of course, host an event at any point during the working year. But keep in mind the guidelines explained above should you do so.

In need of more help?

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