Employee Contracts & Handbooks

09 July 2019

5 things you need in your employee handbooks

Employee handbooks can sometimes be an afterthought when new employees start. But they protect you and your business from misconduct. Below, we've detailed five policies that many employers forget about, but you must have in your employee handbook:

1. Social media

Protect yourself against potential reputational damage by placing restrictions on what employees post on social media about work; including photographs, negative comments, and details about their employment.

2. BYOD (Bring your own device)

Safeguard the information your employees have access to when using their own devices for work. Create a policy addressing how you expect employees to treat this information, particularly when they are leaving the company.

3. Right to recoup training costs

Secure your investment in training staff by ensuring you can claim back any costs incurred if they leave the company shortly after receiving their training.

4. Bonus payments

Make sure employees can only receive a bonus if they are still working for the company on the date of payment. This will prevent employees who no longer work for you from benefiting from your success.

5. Restrictive covenant

Preserve 'industry secrets' and company data by restricting where employees work, and with whom, once they no longer work for you.

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