Fire Safety

Every employer is responsible for fire safety at every premise under their control and must appoint a ‘responsible person’ for fire safety. The responsible person has to carry out a fire risk assessment and ensure an adequate level of safety in the event of a fire. They are responsible for ensuring continuing fire safety including the provision of
  • a suitable fire alarm system
  • appropriate and sufficient fire-fighting equipment.
  • the provision and maintenance of fire action signs
  • fire escape routes, ensuring their integrity, that they are clearly identified and do not become obstructed
  • fire doors and ensuring that they are kept closed and unlocked with smoke seals and intumescent strips in place.
  • a fire action plan to be followed in the event of a fire or similar emergency,
  • appointing fire wardens or fire marshalls where appropriate,
  • fire safety information and training to the workforce
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for any disabled or vulnerable workers or building users.
  • Fire safety planning and procedures must be tested regularly (usually twice a year) through fire practices and fire drills.
  See also; Fire Risk Assessment; Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans.

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