Hazard reporting

09 July 2019
Effective management of health and safety includes arrangements to identify and act on hazards and risks before they cause an incident or injury. A proactive approach which encourages the involvement and interest of employees is known to improve and maintain health and safety standards within the workplace and the working environment. Hazards can be identified in a number of ways, including: The benefits of a successful hazard reporting scheme will bring clear benefits including:
  • workplace inspections.
  • industry and supplier information bulletins
  • accident and incident investigations
  • reports from supervisors, workers and their representatives
  • the investigation of out of specification product or outcomes
  • fewer injuries and illness.
  • less downtime from accident investigation.
  • fewer insurance claims – leading to reduced premiums.
  • lower costs of machinery repairs.
  • lower costs from poor quality.
  • more efficient and safer work practices.

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