Health & safety guidance notes and online advice

09 July 2019
Health and safety legislation is a notoriously complex area where many employers and HR managers feel out of their depth. And with good reason – one wrong move, one box left unticked, could see your business take the blame if an accident should happen. When you become a Peninsula client, you will gain access to an online library of over 120 health and safety guidance notes. These technical guidance notes provide practical advice on meeting your legal obligations, as determined by the UK health and safety executive. From the forms you need to complete when dealing with machinery or chemicals, to step-by-step advice on completing a risk assessment, or even details on health and safety legislation relating to expectant mothers in the workplace, every eventuality is covered by these health and safety guidance notes. Bespoke health and safety guidance Of course, you won’t need them all. Health and safety responsibilities depend on your industry, your employees, and the size and layout of your workplace. Clients can therefore pick and choose the health and safety guidance notes most relevant or to them, and use them to create their own bespoke health and safety handbook. You won’t be going it alone though. Our additional health and safety guidance services include regular workplace inspections to ensure you’re fully compliant, a 24-hour employment law helpline, and a range of software and online services that make it quick and simple to tick all the boxes.

Employer guidance on the go

Bespoke health and safety guidance, as well as online copies of any health and safety documentation, can be obtained through Peninsula’s new BrightHR service. This cloud-based solution allows employers and managers to log in 24/7 from anywhere in the world, to check employee records, keep an eye on staffing levels, or send a query to our team of experts. Peninsula’s expert advice is also available through our employment law app. This A-Z includes tips for employers on handling anything from absenteeism to workplace bullying, and is free to download for clients and non-clients alike.

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