Health & safety guidance

09 July 2019
Health and safety is an extremely important consideration for any business, with the safety and wellbeing of employees paramount to a satisfied workplace. Having health and safety guidelines can help to protect both your employees and your business from potentially costly compensation claims. Just as every business is different, so are the main health and safety concerns for the workplace. A traditional office environment will require less health and safety training, with slips, trips or falls being the main concern, whereas a factory containing large machinery will have considerably more issues to take into account. Guidance is available on the various different policies and procedures that should be implemented at your workplace. Addressing health and safety concerns Providing a safe workplace for your employees is vital for countless reasons. In addition to the wellbeing of your employees being one of your key responsibilities, the financial implications can be devastating if regulations are not followed in the correct manner. If an employee has an accident or suffers an injury at work and it's the employer's fault, not only do you have to live with the guilt of the incident but an expensive compensation claim would almost certainly follow. Keeping this in mind, there are many ways to ensure that your workplace is a safe place to be. A bespoke employee handbook containing health and safety regulations specifically designed for your workplace can be extremely useful, while health and safety training should also be conducted when necessary. If you work in an environment which contains machinery, all staff should be competent with the safety features of the various machines, and not just those employees who deal directly with the equipment.

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