Health & safety training

09 July 2019
The provision of effective health and safety training is a fundamental requirement of the law and also good practice. It touches on questions of organisational efficiency and effectiveness, technical competency, safe working methods, productivity, and the over-arching objective of encouraging a safety culture within an organisation. When considering training needs, it is important that the training is aimed at the person receiving it – taking account of different language abilities, educational abilities and the learning skills of those being provided with the training. There are a number of clearly identifiable occasions when an employee will require training. These are on;
  • first starting with the employer – induction training.
  • changing job or department within the organisation.
  • taking up new responsibilities.
  • the introduction of new work equipment or modification of the existing equipment.
  • the introduction of new technology into the workplace.
  • the introduction of new systems of work or processes or a significant change to those already in place.
Training must be kept up to date and periodically refreshed. To make sure that employees can attend such training it should take place during working hours and at times that do not discriminate against any individual or class of employee. Induction training should be given to all new employees as soon as possible after their employment begins. Records of all staff training, including short tool-box talks, should be kept and staff should be required to sign to indicate that training has been received.  

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