Hospitality & Leisure

09 July 2019
Hospitality & leisure businesses face a great challenge when juggling employment law, HR and health & safety issues – whilst trying to please consumer needs on a very personal level. You’re industry demands the seamless provision of high quality service in the safest possible environment, in order to build reputation, trust and secure your business’s future. Understandably, this causes a great amount of stress for business owners. With the potential for poor reviews and legal disputes from both employees and customers looming overhead, it is imperative that you have watertight policies, procedures and documentation in place to protect your business. Areas that we find are of greatest concern to hospitality & leisure businesses are issues such as: management of working hours and shifts, minimum wage entitlement, employing young workers and guaranteeing all aspects of their health and safety requirements are met and kept up to date. This is especially pertinent to leisure companies running fun day / activity events, or venues with on-site activities that involve a higher risk of injury such as climbing walls, play areas, bungee jumping etc. Peninsula can offer your business:
  • Employment Law advice
  • Payroll advice
  • A Health & Safety Management System
  • Risk Assessment guidance
  • Legal representation and indemnity
  • Employment law advice and documentation
  • HR advice and assistance

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