An induction process is essential for new joiners to a company. It ensures that right from the outset employees are welcomed, made aware of the terms and conditions of their employment, their duties and responsibilities and what is expected of them from the company. As a priority all legal and compliance issues should be covered and signed off, as well as health & safety issues and training. The induction is the ideal time to get the employee to sign the relevant contractual documentation relating to the job. A properly planned and executed induction programme will ensure a more relaxed and confident employee, comfortable with their new colleagues and their own role within the organisation. It also ensures that the employer complies with relevant statutory obligations in respect of health and safety regulations and safe systems of working. Someone in the organisation should be nominated as the person responsible for ensuring induction is properly carried out. Good induction programmes have also been shown to reduce short-term turnover of staff. Although planning an induction programme can be time consuming on the first occasion, the same routine can be used repeatedly in the future when little time will be required to update it.

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