The need to make employees redundant is not necessarily a sign that your company is failing to provide enough work to keep them employed. It could be the result of the successful application of technology, a mutually beneficial merger, a decision to outsource certain tasks or a shift in focus from one set of products and services to another.

Often, choosing which employees to let go is a natural process based on their positions becoming no longer necessary.

However, problems can occur when a pool of similarly employed staff needs to be cut back by a certain proportion. Here, the justification for selecting one member over another for redundancy needs to be spelled out in more detail if litigation and aggressive tribunals are to be avoided.

The process of selecting personnel for redundancy should it arise can be made less risky if it is covered at the contractual stage. For example if a company employs a clear “last in, first out” policy, backed up by any relevant caveats, and this is detailed in employees’ contracts, ex-employees might have more understanding as to the justification for their redundancy.

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