Risk assessment

09 July 2019
Risk assessment is no more than a systematic careful examination of the workplace to indicate what aspects of work and the working environment could cause harm to people. When the risks have been identified the employer can consider whether they have taken the right precautions to comply with health and safety legislation, standards and best practice and to prevent personal injury or other accidents. The risk assessment will indicate the gap between the workplace standards and the required standard and show what additional measures or actions are required.
  • Identification of the hazards
  • Deciding who might be harmed and how
  • Evaluating the risks and deciding on precautions
  • Recording the findings and implementing them
  • Routinely reviewing and updating assessments as necessary.
When thinking about your risk assessment, remember:
  • a hazard is anything that may cause harm, It will include chemicals, electricity, working from ladders, machinery, workplace transport, etc; and
  • the risk is the chance, high or low, that somebody could be harmed by these and other hazards, together with an indication of how serious the harm could be.

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