The law is clear on how much notice employees must be given if they are to be made redundant. The Statutory Redundancy Notice Periods are set by the length of an employee’s service, as follows:

  • Between 1 month and 2 years service: One week notice period
  • Between 2 years and 12 years service: an extra week for every year completed
  • More than 12 years years: 12 weeks notice period

It is worth noting that these are the minimum periods stated by law. Individual employment contracts might offer longer periods or periods calculated by taking other factors into account. But no matter what form the redundancy notice period takes, it cannot work out to be shorter than the three periods shown above.

Employees must also be paid during this period, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. See Payment In Lieu of Notice.

Statutory Redundancy Notice Periods do not necessarily apply to dismissal on disciplinary or conduct grounds, which can be instant.

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