09 July 2019
The law prohibits the use of commercial sunbeds by any person under the age of 18. The law in Scotland requires all tanning salons, including those with coin operated sun beds, to be supervised by appropriately trained staffed when open. This is always best practice. Over-exposure to ultra-violet radiation (UV) from sun beds is known to lead to skin cancer. Workers must be protected from exposure to excessive UV and clients should be warned about the potential risk from their exposure. Medical opinion is that adult users of tanning equipment should have the risk explained to them, that trained staff should be present when UV tanning equipment is in use and that clients should not be allowed long continuous tanning sessions. Sun beds should be properly installed by competent persons and should subsequently receive routine scheduled maintenance and tests as advised by the supplier.The equipment should be used according to the supplier’s advice. Sun beds and tanning cubicles, booths or rooms should incorporate safety features such as emergency shut down and assistance buttons. Means to open them from the outside in an emergency should always be available. Suitable eye protection (goggles) should be provided for customers using the equipment and for staff when maintaining it. The equipment should be cleaned and sanitised between customers.  

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