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Introducing the Peninsula SafeCheck Review

When it comes to protecting yourself, your business and your staff, you need to know if you’re compliant with current health & safety laws. Now, there’s an easy way to make sure you are: the SafeCheck Review.

It’s a health check for your business—an audit from an experienced consultant who visits your premises twice to highlight potential risks, review your processes and recommend the changes you need to make.

The best part?

You get a comprehensive, professional report that clearly explains what you’re doing well and where you need to improve to be 100% compliant. An invaluable investment, all for as little as £295.

To get started, please call our SafeCheck Advice Service today on 0844 892 2486

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Need to know more?

The Peninsula SafeCheck specialists are happy to talk you through the value of this service to you and your organisation. Here’s what to expect during the two visits:

Visit 1: SafeCheck Review

  • A full review of your premises
  • Assess your current safety processes
  • Instant in-person advice and actions

Visit 2: SafeCheck Results

  • Summary of findings
  • In-depth SafeCheck report
  • Your health & safety action plan

To find out more, get a free call-back from one of our SafeCheck experts. Please hit the below link now.

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