This is paid time off during normal working hours for pregnant employees to attend ante-natal and post-natal medical appointments. This entitlement to paid time off is applicable except for the final two classes in a set. An employee’s entitlement to such paid time off was recognised by section 15 of the Maternity Protection Act 1994 and the right to such paid time off does not depend on any minimum length of service and it is the automatic entitlement of every pregnant employee.


The employee must give at least two weeks’ notice in writing before each appointment and, produce an appointment card (or similar document) if requested. The pregnant employee will not have to provide two weeks’ notice for the first appointment.  If, for urgent medical reasons, it is not possible to comply with these requirements the employee must, within one week of the appointment, provide evidence of having kept the appointment and explain why it was not possible to comply with the notification requirements.


Fathers are entitled to attend the last 2 ante–natal appointments without loss of pay. This is a once off entitlement to fathers.