See also ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ – This is a form of alternative dispute resolution whereby parties to a dispute agree to refer the matter for resolution to an independent third party known as the Arbitrator. As such, arbitration is a long-standing alternative to court or tribunal based litigation whereby the dispute is heard by an arbitrator who is usually an expert in the subject matter of the dispute. The Arbitrator works to rules agreed between the parties or, if no such rules are agreed, as laid down by the Arbitration Acts. The major advantages associated with arbitration is that it is a quicker process than litigation, it is a confidential and private process, it is more flexible and generally alternative dispute resolution methods work best in the long run from an employment relationship point of view. Arbitration procedures can range between informal meetings and more rule-based litigious proceedings but in any event the arbitrator will work to rules already agreed upon by the parties to the dispute or in accordance with the Arbitration Acts in the event that no rules have been established.