Lateness in an employment context concerns poor time-keeping from an employee whereby the employee does not present themselves for work at or before the appropriate time. The key for dealing with lateness is consistency.  All employees need to know where they stand and what is expected from them.  Remind all employees that punctuality is expected and persistent problems will be dealt with appropriately.  Set out that their start time is the latest time at which they must be ready to start work and not the time that they should be aiming to arrive. Decide for yourself what level of lateness, if any, you can tolerate.  This will depend upon the nature of the job and the level of flexibility over the working time an individual can have. Make sure that everyone is aware of the rules on timekeeping.  If someone is going to be late then they should contact you and let you know and also explain the reason for their lateness.  Set a clear policy in respect of making up any late time.  Decide whether or not you are prepared to let people make the time up over lunch or if you want to insist that they make up the time at the end of their working day.