How one company is winning the war for talent

Keith Canavan

August 13 2019

You’ve heard of work-life balance, right? Of course you have, it’s a never-ending topic of discussion between employee and employer.

Employees would love more time off to enjoy their holidays while you, the employer, would love to see your business grow by the day.

For that to happen, you need employees who are happy and willing to work hard for the greater good of the business.

You would also love for your business to attract the best emerging talent on the market.

So, how can you pull it all together and create a better work-life balance? Brewing company Molson Coors might have the answer.

A flexible future

On August 2nd of this year, Molson Coors introduced a new initiative called ‘Life Leave’. This is an extra 2 weeks’ paid annual leave that their employees can avail of. Like it says on the tin, ‘Life Leave’ is time that employees can use for anything from a house move to hanging out with their new pet.

It’s also an opportunity to handle unexpected situations without having to rely on annual leave.

Ryan McFarland, General Manager for Molson Ireland, says that flexible working policies are behind this bold new initiative,

"The way we all work has changed," he said.

“For our people to perform at their best, we recognise they need an employer that provides flexibility and understands their personal priorities.”

They’re not the first to introduce the initiative, as Ernst & Young beat them to the punch on April 1st, offering employees six to 12 weeks off. And yes, we promise that’s not a joke.

Why offer life leave?

The war for talent, that’s why. It’s a battle zone where only those who adapt survive. Companies who offer longer annual leave, better benefits and a more competitive salary end up at the top of the pile. All others wave the white flag.

To keep up with the times, your business needs to stand out among the competition to attract emerging talent. That’s where life leave comes into play. Just imagine telling an interviewee they can avail of an extra leave whenever they like. Paid or unpaid, that’s difficult to ignore.

When we say talent, we also mean talent already at your disposal. And how can you retain your best employees? By offering them time off to play with their new puppy of course. 

Benefits of life leave

The benefits of life leave to an employee are pretty obvious…a better work-life balance.

But what comes with a better work-life balance, and how does it benefit you?

After an extended and much-deserved break, your employees will be happier and healthier both physically and mentally. Furthermore, the chances of burnout and decreased productivity are reduced.

When you look at the benefits of life leave in the long-term, it’s a win-win for both parties.

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