Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Employers have a statutory duty to ensure the safety and health of their employees while they’re at work.

This duty includes ensuring chemical agents and hazardous substances cannot cause ill-health to any person in the workplace.

Make sure you comply with relevant regulations with the right advice.

Legal regulations dealing with chemical agents and hazardous substances set down various obligations on employers including the following:

  • Determination of hazardous substances that are present in the workplace.
  • Assessment of risks to employees and others from the presence of these hazardous substances.
  • Prevention or control of exposure to the hazardous substances to as low a level as is reasonably practicable.
  • Having arrangements in place to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies.
  • Providing information, training and consultation to employees.
  • Making health surveillance available to employees.
  • Product labelling identifying the nature of the hazards.

Make sure you know how to control hazardous substances with our free download.

Download this free guide to learn more about:

  • Assessing hazards and risks
  • Monitoring
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Worker information and training
  • Health surveillance
  • Emergencies

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